What is red cedar oil?

Red cedar is a type of tree that belongs to the genus Juniper. Red cedar oil is an essential oil that is extracted from red cedar wood due to its proven good effect against pests. Red cedar oil is a 100% natural and non-toxic pesticide that is not dangerous to humans or pets. Essential oils can be found in sweets, soaps and perfumes e.g. However, red cedar oil should not be swallowed due to its corrosive effect.

What do you use red cedar oil for?

Red cedar oil works against most pests, such as silverfish, carpet beetles, ants, bedbugs, moths, cockroaches and mites.

How does red cedar oil work?

Red cedar oil is completely non-toxic and does not kill. It is the scent that scares away the insects. To humans, red cedar oil smells very good and fresh, but the pests do not like the smell and avoid it as much as they can.

How to use red cedar oil?

Red cedar oil can be used around the home where pests often occur. In general, you should always apply the red cedar oil to openings, skirting boards and cracks where pests can easily get in. You should repeat the process on a monthly basis to make sure that the red cedar oil is still fresh. Given the volatility of red cedar oil, red cedar wood such as red cedar balls, red cedar hearts or red cedar rings should be used for a longer lasting effect.

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